We believe the more cases residents see, the faster they learn, and the more confident 

they are in their diagnosis.  

With more than 400 cases so far, representing over 120 adult brain diseases,  Galileo Education is aiming to build the most comprehensive collection of cases for use in medical education.  Most medical institutions do not have the resources to curate and create comprehensive teaching files. By building this and sharing it with medical schools worldwide, we hope to play our part in ensuring quality medical care for the entire world.  

We will add other body areas and modalities soon. We are looking for partner institutions that would like to contribute cases to this endeavor. 

Teaches Observational Skills

Key features confirmed by neuroradiologists

Teaches Inference Skills

Differential diagnosis provided by experienced neuroradiologists

Complete and comprehensive list of diseases

Helps residents see diseases, including rare ones, that they may not in clinical rotations

Multiple presentations of each disease

Diseases do not always present in the classic ways, and so we have over 400 cases

Built in web based PACS

Residents scroll through all the series and find the relevant features

Instant Feedback

Residents get instant feedback on observed features and inferred diagnoses

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