Improved Efficiency.  Higher Quality.  Reduced Costs.

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Radiology Practices

Radiologists do their job faster and better with diagnostic decision support and standardized reports

  • Designed to maximize professional productivity
  • Designed to reduce errors of observation and inference

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Radiologist Education

Galileo CDS guides trainees to develop observation and inference skills

  • Designed to accelerate trainee education
  • Designed to improve resident report quality

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Radiology Partnerships

Galileo CDS brings medical insights and workflow automation to your radiology IT solutions

  • Reduces difficulty of diagnostic image analysis problems
  • Unique, vetted radiology data set


About Us

Galileo CDS uses image observations
to infer clinical implications

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Workflow Optimization

Accelerate your existing workflow with easily integrated decision support solutions

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Clinical and education expert systems to support radiologists throughout their careers

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